Unique Pharma Nolvadex 10


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Company: Unique Pharmaceuticals
Active Half-life (Days):  5 – 7 Days
Group:  Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) / Antiestrogen
Subgroup: Oral tablets
Dosage: 10 mg per tab
Application (Men): 20 mg / day
Product pack: 100 tabs
Content (active): Tamoxifen citrate
Retains water: No
Aromatization: No

Unique Pharma Nolvadex 10

Tamoxifen has a combined spectrum of pharmacological action – both an estrogen antagonist and an agonist in various tissues.
Introduced in 1961 by ICI (Asta Zenaca), Tamoxifen Citrate for decades, has shown excellent results in breast cancer treatment and minimizing estrogenic adverse reactions as a result of anabolic steroid use. The drug can be used to treat ovarian, endometrial, prostate and kidney cancer or conditions such as melanoma and soft tissue sarcomas in the presence of estrogen receptors in the tumour. Tamoxifen Citrate is part of the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) group and is used by Bodybuilders as a part of PCT.

Effects of Unique Pharma Nolvadex 10:

Unique Pharma Nolvadex 10 works great during PCT. Athletes will be able to restore normal testosterone levels and recover sex drive, which the use of other steroids might’ve suppressed.


The most common adverse reactions attributed to Tamoxifen citrate are headache, insomnia, nausea, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, and leg cramps.


Unique Pharma Nolvadex 10 can be stacked with Clomiphene and MSD  during PCT.


**Tamoxifen Citrate: Navigating the Path of Hormonal Modulation**

Tamoxifen Citrate, commonly known by its brand name Nolvadex, is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that has become a cornerstone in the realm of hormonal management. Widely used in both medical and bodybuilding contexts, Tamoxifen Citrate plays a pivotal role in addressing estrogen-related concerns and navigating the intricate pathways of hormonal balance.

**1. Estrogen Receptor Modulation:**

Tamoxifen Citrate operates by selectively modulating estrogen receptors, particularly those in breast tissues. As a SERM, it competes with estrogen for binding to these receptors, exerting its influence to either stimulate or inhibit estrogenic effects based on the target tissue.

**2. Breast Cancer Treatment:**

In a medical context, Tamox is a key player in the treatment of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, a form of breast cancer that responds to estrogen. By blocking estrogen receptors in breast cells, Tamoxifen helps impede the growth of estrogen-responsive cancer cells, making it a crucial component in post-surgery and adjuvant therapies.

**3. Estrogen Control in Bodybuilding:**

Within the bodybuilding and fitness community, Tamox is employed to manage estrogen-related side effects associated with anabolic steroid use. Some steroids have the potential to aromatize, leading to increased estrogen levels. Tamox acts as a safeguard by preventing the binding of estrogen to receptors, mitigating concerns such as gynecomastia and water retention.

**4. Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT):**

After completing a cycle of anabolic steroids, individuals often turn to Tamox as part of post-cycle therapy. PCT aims to restore natural testosterone production, which may be suppressed during a steroid cycle. Tamoxifen helps kickstart the body’s endogenous testosterone production by mitigating the inhibitory effects of estrogen on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

**5. Dosage and Caution:**

Dosages of Tamox can vary based on the specific goals, the compounds used, and individual responses. Caution is advised, as excessive use or misuse may lead to potential side effects such as hot flashes, nausea, and, in rare cases, more severe complications.

**6. Monitoring and Professional Guidance:**

Regular monitoring of hormone levels, especially estrogen and cholesterol profiles, is crucial when incorporating Tamox into a regimen. Seeking professional guidance and medical supervision ensures a balanced approach and minimizes the risk of adverse effects.

In conclusion, Tamox stands as a versatile tool in the arsenal of hormonal management, addressing estrogen-related concerns in both medical and bodybuilding spheres. Its role in breast cancer treatment and its significance in post-cycle therapy underscore its impact on health and performance. As with any pharmacological intervention, responsible use, monitoring, and professional oversight are essential for maximizing benefits while minimizing potential risks.


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