Pay with Bank Transfer & Credit/Debit Card

Using PayBis, you can use Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, GiroPay, AstroPay and more to pay for your order.

Please see instructions below:

  • 1. Select Bank Transfer & Card Payment as your payment method in checkout.
  • 2. We will send you a Bitcoin address unique to your order. Please copy the Bitcoin address to be used in step #4.
  • 3. You can now pay with Paybis using your preferred payment method. The Bitcoins purchased during the transaction are transferred directly to our Bitcoin wallet that we have provided to you:
  • 4. Go to and complete the following steps: (1) Select language, (2) Select payment method, (3) Enter order value, (4) Start transaction (Buy Bitcoin).
  • In the next steps, please make sure that you are using the Bitcoin wallet that we sent you by email:
Paybis Tutorial
  • 5. If you are not yet registered with PayBis, you must do this once before you can initiate your first transfer. This can be done during the transaction process. 
  • 6. Once the transaction is made, you will receive a confirmation email from Paybis. Your order page will typically update within one hour; however, it may take a few hours on rare occasions.
  • 7. That’s it! You are done! We will take care of the rest!