Reship Policy

Please read the reship policy carefully before ordering. Placing an order signifies you have read and agree to our Reship Policy terms.
  • Only orders within the EU are eligible for the Reship Service.
  • The following countries are excluded from reship: Belarus, Norway, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.
  • If you haven’t received your package and we have not received the package back, and it has been 30 business days – we will reship your package at no cost to you.
  • If the re-shipped order does not arrive for the 2nd time, we will not reship it for the 3rd time for free or make a refund. We send out orders only if a customer agrees to take the risks. 
  • If your order was seized you need to send us the seizure letter via email, after we checked it we will reship your order once for free!
  • If the package is returned to the sender as the receiver is not available, we do not reship or refund!. Please make sure that you enter the correct address for delivery and your full first name and last name!
  • All the situations related to reshipping are discussed individually. Hence, if you face any problems, be sure to get in touch with our support team first place at
  • If you encounter any difficulties after paying for your order, or if you are considering requesting a refund, please reach out to our live Chat Support service through our website for an individual review of your case. Please note that in cases where the reasons for a refund are not sufficiently justified, we reserve the right to deny the refund.