Deus Medical WATERMED 1ml


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Company: Deus Medical
Subgroup: Injection
Product pack: 10ml vial
Content (active): Bacteriostatic water

Deus Medical WATERMED 1ml

Injection water is used to prepare to delude drug solutions that are not subjected to further sterilization. Bactericidal water contains sterile water, benzyl alcohol, and sodium chloride components. These substances ensure the long-term preservation of the peptide and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Effects of Deus Medical WATERMED 1ml:

Pharmacological and pharmacokinetic properties are determined by the characteristics of the added drug.


Can be used for dilution of any Peptide like GHRP-2.


**Bacteriostatic Water: A Crucial Component in Reconstitution**

Bacteriostatic water plays a pivotal role in the reconstitution of various medications and peptides, particularly those used in the realm of healthcare, research, and performance enhancement. Its unique properties make it a preferred choice for diluting and preparing substances for injection. Let’s delve into the key aspects of bacteriostatic water, including its composition, uses, handling, and importance in maintaining sterility.

**1. Composition and Characteristics:**

Bacteriostatic water is a sterile solution containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol as a bacteriostatic preservative. The inclusion of benzyl alcohol inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the water, hence the term “bacteriostatic.” The water itself is purified and undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure its sterility.

**2. Common Uses:**

**a. Medication Reconstitution:**

This is frequently employed to reconstitute medications that are provided in a powdered or lyophilized form. This includes peptides, hormones, and certain antibiotics. The addition of the bacteriostatic preservative helps prevent bacterial contamination during the reconstitution process.

**b. Injection Diluent:**

It serves as a diluent for substances that require injection, providing a safe and sterile medium for the administration of medications or peptides.

**3. Handling and Storage:**

It should be handled with care to maintain its sterility:

**a. Airtight Containers:**

The water is typically packaged in sealed, airtight vials or ampules to prevent exposure to contaminants.

**b. Refrigeration:**

While bacteriostatic water has a longer shelf life compared to plain sterile water, storing it in a cool environment, such as a refrigerator, further helps preserve its integrity.

**4. Importance in Sterility:**

The inclusion of benzyl alcohol as a bacteriostatic preservative is crucial in preventing the growth of bacteria in the water. This is particularly important when reconstituting medications or preparing solutions for injection. Contaminated solutions can pose serious risks to health, and bacteriostatic water mitigates this risk by inhibiting bacterial proliferation.

**5. Conclusion:**

Bacteriostatic water stands as an indispensable tool in the healthcare and research landscape, ensuring the sterility of reconstituted medications and injectable solutions. Its role in inhibiting bacterial growth, coupled with its suitability for dilution purposes, makes it a preferred choice for practitioners, researchers, and individuals involved in the administration of medications and peptides.

For those handling bacteriostatic water, adherence to proper storage practices and aseptic techniques is paramount. Maintaining the integrity of this sterile solution contributes to the overall safety and efficacy of medications and peptides prepared for injection.

**6. Versatility Beyond Reconstitution:**

This Water utility extends beyond mere reconstitution. It serves as a versatile diluent, accommodating substances requiring injection with precision. This adaptability positions it as a cornerstone in the hands of practitioners, ensuring accurate dosing and safe administration.

**7. Laboratory Allies:**

In the laboratory realm, bacteriostatic water becomes an ally to researchers, fostering controlled environments crucial for meticulous experimentation. Its sterile nature creates a canvas for scientists to conduct experiments with confidence, minimizing the risk of unintended variables.

**8. Prolonging Shelf Life and Ensuring Safety:**

The amalgamation of purified water and benzyl alcohol not only curtails bacterial growth but also bestows an extended shelf life upon bacteriostatic water. This attribute proves invaluable, particularly in scenarios demanding prolonged durations between preparation and eventual administration.

**9. Unwavering Importance of Sterility:**

The bacteriostatic preservative, benzyl alcohol, assumes a pivotal role in maintaining sterility. In the intricate process of reconstituting medications or preparing injectable solutions, the prevention of bacterial proliferation remains paramount. Bacteriostatic water emerges as a stalwart guardian against potential contamination risks.

**10. Sustaining Excellence:**

In conclusion, bacteriostatic water stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the healthcare and research landscapes. Its multifaceted roles, from reconstitution to versatile dilution, underscore its importance. Practitioners, researchers, and individuals entrusted with its handling bear the responsibility of adhering to stringent storage practices and aseptic techniques. By preserving the integrity of this sterile solution, they ensure a legacy of safety and efficacy in medications and peptides prepared for injection.


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