Deus Medical PRIMOMED 100


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Company: Deus Medical
Active Half-life (Days): 10 days
Group: Anabolic Steroids
Subgroup: Injection
Dosage: 100 mg/ml
Application (Men): 300-800 mg a week
Product pack: 10 ampoules x 1 ml
Content (active): Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan)
Oil-based: Yes
Retains water: No
Aromatization: No

Deus Medical PRIMOMED 100

Another great steroid with a potent anabolic effect is burning body fat without excessive water storage and protecting your hard-earned muscle mass. Methenolone Enanthate, or as many prefer it, Primobolan, is a well-known choice for angst athletes to get rid of unwanted fat due to its mild anabolic properties and direct impact on body fat reduction. Raised strength, recovery and endurance can also be attributed to the Methenolone Enanthate performance-enhancing properties. These benefits put this Drug one of the best choices for both men and women athletes.

Effects of Deus Medical PRIMOMED 100:

By using Methenolone Enanthate, both men and women athletes can increase lean muscle gains, boost strength, accelerates fat bur and lift oxygen in the blood cells to stimulate faster muscle tissue regeneration.


The most common adverse reactions attributed to Methenolone Enanthate are acne, temporary testosterone reproduction shutdown, and raised Low-density cholesterol levels (LDL).


Consider the inclusion of gonadotropin when using this product.


Deus Medical PRIMOMED 100 shows excellent results and can be safely applied with long esters and HGH.

**The Comprehensive Guide to Primobolan: Understanding Benefits, Uses, and Considerations**


This Performancen Enhancing Drug (PED), also known as Metenolone Enanthate, stands as a renowned anabolic steroid with a reputation for promoting lean muscle gains and enhancing overall physique. This comprehensive guide delves into the characteristics, potential benefits, usage considerations, and legal aspects surrounding This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED).

**1. Understanding Primobolan:**

This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is available in two forms: Metenolone Acetate (oral) and Metenolone Enanthate (injectable). This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) is esteemed for its ability to promote quality muscle gains with minimal water retention.

**2. Benefits of this Performance Enhancing Drug (PED):**

1. **Lean Muscle Development:**

– This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) is often favored during cutting cycles for its ability to promote steady and high-quality muscle gains without the risk of excessive water retention.

2. **Preservation of Muscle Mass:**

– During calorie-restricted phases, this Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) may help preserve lean muscle mass, providing a sculpted and defined appearance.

3. **Mild Androgenic Properties:**

– This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) is known for its mild androgenic effects, reducing the risk of androgenic side effects such as acne and hair loss.

**3. Considerations for Use:**

1. **Dosage and Administration:**

– Dosage of this Drug varies based on individual factors such as experience, goals, and gender. It is typically administered in a range of 400-1000mg per week for men and 50-100mg per week for women.

2. **Stacking:**

– This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) is often used in stacks with other steroids for enhanced synergistic effects. Common stacks include testosterone for a balanced anabolic environment.

3. **Potential Side Effects:**

– While this Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) is considered a mild steroid, side effects may include mild androgenic effects and  lipid profile changes, and suppression of natural testosterone production.



This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED), with its reputation for promoting lean muscle gains and preserving muscle mass, has found its place in the arsenal of many bodybuilders and athletes. However, responsible use and adherence to legal regulations, and awareness of potential side effects are imperative. Individuals considering the use of This Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) should seek guidance from healthcare professionals and fitness experts to ensure a safe and it is effective incorporation into their fitness regimen.


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